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All what you need to know about the advanced FUE hair transplantation 


At Hair Time Thailand, we make sure that we offer our patients the best and most advanced techniques in the world of hair transplantation. That is why we are introducing the Sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure.

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is the advanced version of FUE hair transplantation procedure and in both methods the same steps are followed, they differ from each other by the medical instruments used during the procedure.

Of course, hair transplantation is a crucial step for many people, especially for those who lose their self-confidence with every hair that falls out. Hair transplantation is the ultimate solution to this problem, and it promises permanent results.

We believe that a patient who knows about his procedure will have better results than a patient who knows nothing about it. This is because the patient who knows about the side effects, the aftercare instructions, and all the other details will understand what to do after each step. That is why we have a whole section on our website with all the necessary information about the preparation, the procedure and the aftercare.

Read on to know about the Sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the Sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure and other hair transplant procedures, who is eligible for the procedure, and how the procedure is performed.


What is Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation?

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation procedure is one of the recent revolutions in the field of hair transplantation, in which healthy hair follicles are taken from the donor area and transplanted into the recipient area by creating incisions using the sapphire blade and then implantation begins.


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant and FUE Hair Transplant Differences

The Sapphire FUE hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant are almost the same and yet they are different! The secret here lies in the blades used to open the incisions in the recipient area.

FUE hair transplantation uses normal blades that damage the tissue but are necessary for opening the channels. The Sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure, on the other hand, is based on the sapphire blades, which are sharp and smooth. They create perfect incisions for implantation with less tissue damage compared to the tissue damage caused by the normal blades used in FUE hair transplantation.


What are the Advantages of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation?

There are common advantages between FUE hair transplantation and Sapphire FUE hair transplantation, such as:

  • No scars 
  • Fast recovery phase 
  • Natural results 


However, the use of the sapphire blades in FUE hair transplantation offers other advantages, such as:

  • Increases density: because the sapphire blade is sharper and smaller, the doctor can make more incisions in the recipient area, which allows the hair follicles to be implanted closer together, resulting in higher density,
  • Preserves the hair follicles: The sapphire blades are sharper than the normal blades used in other surgeries, therefore the incisions are opened at a certain depth that ensures the perfect hold of the hair follicles.
  • Suitable for people with metal sensitivity: there is a group of people who suffer from allergy to metals such as steel, so they can have hair transplantation only if sapphire blades are used.


Who is suitable for Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation? 

Generally, the best candidates for Sapphire FUE hair transplantation are over 25 years of age, as by this age the hair loss pattern has stabilized. Therefore, the hair growth level can be determined and this will help in deciding whether you are the right candidate for this procedure or not.

If you are wondering if a Sapphire FUE hair transplant is for you, contact us now for an initial consultation and we will let you know if you are the right candidate for a Sapphire FUE hair transplant. 


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant in Thailand 

Why do people choose Thailand as one of the destinations for Sapphire FUE hair transplantation? Because it is one of the countries that offer hair transplant procedures at affordable prices. However, with Esthetic Hair Turkey, we are able to bring you the Turkish hands and amazing prices under Thailand’s sky.

After reaching our patients in Turkey, Mexico, Brazil and Russia, we are now happy to reach the fifth station in the world, Thailand, and provide patients with the treatment they need and return their confidence.


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Procedures

We always say that at Esthetic hair you get the procedure, the care and the information. The Sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure is just like the FUE hair transplant procedure except for the opening canals step.


  - Preparation

Once your procedure is confirmed, you need to follow some guidelines to prepare yourself and your body for the procedure. While it is true that this is a minimally invasive procedure, there are a few tips that will help you get through this procedure smoothly!

  • Protect your scalp from sunburns. For a successful procedure, your scalp must be healthy and have no burns or other problems
  • do not smoke 14 days before the procedure, as smoking contains ingredients that slow healing and hair growth.
  • No alcohol should be consumed 14 days prior to the procedure, as alcoholic beverages contain blood-thinning substances that may increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure.
  • Do not take blood thinning medications such as aspirin for 14 days prior to the procedure to avoid the risk of bleeding.
  • Must inform your doctor about your medical history and about your daily medications. 


  • Operation 

 Once the donor area is determined during the consultation, the procedure begins with the preparation of that area. The donor area is shaved to have a better view of the hair grafts during harvesting. Once the area is completely shaved, it is injected with local anesthesia, which makes the harvesting painless.

Holes are then drilled in the donor area with a medical tool to remove the grafts one at a time and stored in a physiological solution for protection.

The recipient area is then prepared by shaving and injecting local anesthesia. Once the recipient area is ready, incisions are made using sapphire blades, and once enough channels are opened, implantation of the harvested grafts takes place.


  - Post-Operation

Of course, after the procedure, there are instructions that should be followed to ensure a smooth recovery period.

  • Do not lift weights or do heavy exercise for one month after the procedure.
  • No swimming for one month after the procedure.
  • No hair dryers or chemical products for 6 months.
  • No alcohol or cigarettes for 14 days after the procedure.
  • No wearing hats for the first few weeks
  • No sleeping flat for the first few days
  • No water on the scalp for the first 48 hours


Healing Process After Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

The healing period after Sapphire FUE hair transplantation is considered short compared to other procedures. However, the person can return to their daily activities within 3 days, although the doctor’s instructions must be followed.

During the first few weeks, a crust will form at the site of implantation. This is part of the healing process and the body’s way of protecting the incisions from possible infection. Then, when the hair starts to grow, it is not a big deal if the hair that has grown falls out again. In this way, the necessary space is created for the implanted hair to grow and cover the bald spot.


Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant Prices 2023

Since the Sapphire FUE hair transplant procedure includes advanced medical tools such as the sapphire blades, you should expect it to be higher in price compared to the regular FUE hair transplant procedure. However, the prices mainly depend on the case and the extent of hair loss or baldness the patient suffers from, including the number of grafts and sessions needed.

Prices include the procedure and medications required after the procedure. Therefore, click on the “Contact Us” option to find out exactly how much the Sapphire FUE hair transplant will cost you, and you will be surprised at how affordable it is!

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