Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are the available hair transplant techniques in Thailand?

    The best and most advanced hair transplant techniques are used in Thailand. The main hair transplant techniques available in Thailand are the FUE, Sapphire FUE and DHI methods.

  • Why should I choose Thailand as a destination for my hair transplant procedure?

    Finding the right destination for your hair transplant is important, but finding a destination where you can have fun and get your hair transplant done is great! It's no secret that Thailand offers one of the best tourist activities to discover and enjoy! Therefore, you can get your dream hair and your dream trip if you choose Thailand as your hair transplant destination.

  • Esthetic Hair Thailand Hair Transplant Success Rates

    In general, hair transplants are minimally invasive procedures with no risks and high success rates when performed by an experienced surgeon and the post-hair transplant instructions are followed.

  • Thailand Hair Transplant Prices 2023

    Finding the best destination that offers the best service without compromising on quality is sometimes difficult, but in Thailand you will find what you are looking for. Thailand offers the most affordable prices without compromising on quality. The cost of hair transplants varies from clinic to clinic as some clinics offer fixed price packages, while most clinics set their prices based on the patient’s case and the number of grafts required. There are certain methods tWho evaluate the patient’s case and the number of grafts required.

  • Hair Transplant in Thailand

    Thailand is considered one of the best destinations in the world for plastic surgery and hair transplants. Besides the beauty of the country, Thailand offers the best service and the most experienced hands in the field of hair transplantation to ensure that local and international patients receive satisfactory results.

  • Hair Washing Procedures After Hair Transplantation

    The washing routine for the newly implanted hair starts after 48 hours from the day of the procedure. During the first wash, panthenol must be applied and left for 30 to 40 minutes. The doctor then uses the tapping technique to very gently tap the patient’s recipient area before washing it off with lukewarm water at low pressure. The patient must then wash the scalp carefully with the prescribed hair products for 10 days. On the 10th day, the scab must 0be removed by scrubbing the scalp with the fingertips - not the nails - to allow the hair to grow.