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Pre-Hair Transplantation Guide

Pre-Hair Transplantation Guide

Here’s your guide during the preparation phase of the hair transplant procedure 

If you have made the decision to undergo hair transplantation, that is good. But if you have chosen our team at Esthetic Hair Thailand, that is GREAT! We are here for you, step by step.

You need to understand that the procedure is not only about the time you sit in the chair, but also about what you do before and after the procedure. The decision to have a hair transplant must be well thought out and prepared.

With Esthetic Time Thailand we will help you to prepare well for the procedure. In this article, we will discuss all the necessary instructions that must be followed to ensure that your procedure goes without complications.

Read on to find the answer to all your questions about what you should and should not do before the procedure, and contact us right away to find out which is the right hair transplant procedure for you.


Necessary Preparations Before Hair Transplant 

Remember to follow all of your doctor's instructions because if you follow these guidelines, you will be able to go through the procedure smoothly and without complications.


  - Psychological Preparation 

Psychological preparation makes our clinic one of the best in the field, as we take care of the patient’s feelings, fears and expectations as well as their blood tests, hair density and the required number of grafts.

The patient must be psychologically and mentally prepared for the procedure. Although it is a minimally invasive procedure and the risks are low compared to other procedures, it takes time to achieve the results desired by the patient.

Some methods require the patient to get a full bald head, which may not be difficult for men, but it is for women. Therefore, the patient must be willing to accept his temporary new appearance until he gets what he dreams of.

The results of hair transplantation can be seen only after 6 to 8 months, and within a year they will be fully visible. Patience is the key you need to carry with you during your journey.


  - Travel Preparation 

Since this is a medical trip, you should try to keep your luggage as light as possible, as you will not be allowed to carry heavy weight after the hair transplant.


You must tell your doctor about your medications. At the first consultation, the doctor will ask you some questions about your medical history, such as whether you have high blood pressure or diabetes, and whether you have had surgery.

There are few medications that the doctor will ask you to stop within 14 days before the procedure. However, the medications that must be discontinued usually have a blood thinning effect and may increase the risk of bleeding during the procedure.


  - Haircut.

Depending on the method used for your hair transplant procedure, you can decide what to do with your hair for now. If you choose FUE hair transplantation, you should let your hair grow long until the day of the procedure, and then shave it for harvesting and implantation.

If you choose the DHI hair transplant procedure, which uses the Choi Implanter Pen for implantation, you do not need to shave the recipient area. Therefore, you can get used to your appearance after the procedure with a haircut until the results are visible.


Pre-Operation Appropriate Clothing Selection 

At Esthetic Hair Thailand, we take care of the smallest details, including the clothing the patient should wear while preparing for the procedure. Since most of the upper garments are worn over the head, patients need to be careful about what they put on during the first few weeks.


  - The Importance of Comfortable Clothes

During the first few weeks, patients must be very careful not to touch their scalp or allow anything to apply even a slight pressure on it, as this will put the newly implanted graft at risk, which may lead to graft death,

Therefore, we recommend our patients to wear loose clothing that is easy to wear or clothing that can be buttoned up to avoid the shirt pulling down or up, which can negatively affect the scalp and the newly implanted hair follicles.


What is done before the operation?

There are three main methods for hair transplantation, namely FUT, FUE and DHI, and with the presence of FUE and DHI, people have stopped choosing FUT because of the permanent scar that occurs after the procedure.


  - Procedures Before Hair Transplantation

There are instructions that you need to follow to ensure that you are ready to have your hair grafts taken and implanted without any complications that could affect the outcome.


What the Patient Needs to Know Before Hair Transplantation

Hair transplants are minimally invasive procedures that give patients back their confidence and hair. It is a procedure performed under local anesthesia where healthy follicles are harvested from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area. It takes 10 to 12 months to achieve complete results. It takes longer to see the results, but the results are permanent and last a lifetime.